Kenneth is a businessman, marketer, and copywriter. He is the son of Karla Dennis, a tax strategist with over 30+ years of experience in the tax and accounting industry. Kenneth has always believed that all people should be treated as equals and have equal opportunities no matter their origin. Yet while working in the tax industry, he noticed a huge gap in tax knowledge between the wealthy and the working class. The wealthy were able to write off millions of dollars in taxes and sometimes get away with paying $0 in income tax. While your everyday American spends his entire life paying a fortune in taxes until the day he dies. Kenneth wanted to change that. So, from that day onward, he made it his sole purpose to fight for the little man of society—a chance for hard-working Americans to write off taxes for themselves. Kenneth made the choice to create Tax Reduction Company. This business helps everyday Americans stop overpaying in taxes and put extra money back into their pockets.




However, the tax code is highly complex! The U.S. code has over 70,000 pages, and to this day, they keep updating the book with new tax laws. The tax code covers a lot more than just 1040s, and it’s going to take some help from tax experts to help decipher it all.

That’s when Kenneth sought to bring in Karla Dennis and Karlton Dennis’s help to break down the tax code so that it’s easy for anyone to understand and utilize. With their help, Kenneth was able to compile comprehensive courses that cater to your specific needs as an individual. Whether you wish to focus on reducing your taxes through real estate, business, or even as an employee making the most out of a hobby, there's a course for you.

Fast Forward To Now

TRC has helped thousands of Americans reduce their tax bill significantly. People were able to save thousands of dollars, moving into six-figure write-offs. Tax Reduction Company has also helped people start their own tax firms. Firms that ensure Americans all over the country have access to the life-changing tax strategies Tax Reduction Company has to offer.